Alert For Armed Group That Threatened To Do ‘Social Cleansing’ In Several Cities Of The Country

Restlessness generated a video in which alleged members of the Popular Liberation Army (Epl), a subversive group that was supposed toIn the television news program Citynoticias, of the Bogota channel City TV, they consulted with the Police about these warnings from the armed group.

“It is necessary to determine if it is real, if it really corresponds to an organized group and to give it an official report and in the same way take corresponding actions,” said General Óscar Gómez Heredia, Commander of the Police of the Sabana Region.

In the video threat, they indicated that they would carry out controls on the mobility of citizens by establishing circulation schedules.

“The life of anyone who passes after the aforementioned time due to circumstances of illness or some family calamity will be respected, ” intimidated the alleged Epl member, adding that they would carry out these actions in Bogotá, Soacha, Usme, Neiva, Pitalito, Casanare, and other populations of the country.

In the Bogota news they also consulted with the councilor of the Patriotic Union Heidy Sánchez who requested that the authorities take these threats seriously.

“We believe that the Secretary of Security must act decisively to find those who are behind these types of threats and prevent the safety of citizens from being put at risk,” said Heidy Sánchez.

Precisely, the lobbyist had denounced last March that pamphlets were circulating in the city that even threatened Venezuelan citizens, intimidations that have reappeared in some areas of Bogotá as reported on the RCN Radio station.

“Veneco thief caught, veneco thief lynched,” they quoted in this radio medium from what the flyers that have been found even stuck on poles in the city say.

In Citynoticias they consulted with a security expert, who assured that it could be the possible start of clashes between illegal groups for control of territories.

“It can be read as a kind of warning or threat to other organizations of this type with which they dispute the territorial control and the management of some economies with which they are maintained,” said Isaac Morales, Coordinator of Urban Security of the Peace and Reconciliation Foundation (Peers).

The expert also argued that in the face of these threats of social cleansing, the authorities must carry out actions to increase security in the city.

“That they make a greater presence and enhance their intelligence and control exercise in these areas in which the control of the territory by this type of organization has been identified” , Isaac Morales Urban Security Coordinator of the Pares foundation.

In Citynoticias they also recalled that in May of this year the Ombudsman’s Office issued alerts because in Bogotá and in 12 neighboring municipalities they received information about the presence of illegal armed groups. be extinct, in which they threaten to carry out ‘social cleansing’ in several cities of the country.

“Anyone who is caught by our organization stealing, robbing, murdering and extorting merchants, will pay for their own acts,” said the apparent spokesperson.

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