Matt Damon’s Secret Tribute To His Late Friend Heath Ledger

In 2005 they starred together in The Secret of the Brothers Grimm and since then they have become great friends. Until, of course, the death of Heath Ledger in 2008, which left Matt Damon quite hurt . That is why he decided that the actor also from Brockeback Mountain , The Dark Knight or Knight’s Destiny would always accompany him.

’10 reasons to hate you ‘
Damon is not so given to the public knowing not only his private life (contrary to what happens to his best friend, Ben Affleck ) but also his tattoos (also a bit like Affleck). Hence, even the names of his four daughters that adorn his arm are not as well known to the public as other celebrity tattoos .

However, the actor and screenwriter of The Indomitable Will Hunting has revealed in an interview with GQ magazine several details about what his body illustrates, clarifying that the first one was slow to arrive: it was in 2013 and all the fault of the insistence of his wife, Luciana Barroso.

“It was simply that he announced it to me one good day. We were in our apartment in Manhattan and he told me: ‘We are going to get tattoos'”, Damon has begun his story, which then explains the first of his tributes to his late friend: “There is a colleague of ours who did all of his Heath Ledger tattoos. And I had told him that if he ever got a tattoo on me, he would be the first one we would notify. ”

And so it was, the couple called Scott Campbell, who is the name of the tattoo artist, and he came to their house with all the necessary material. At first, he was only going to write the name Lucy in honor of his wife. However, he ended up remembering Ledger and asked Campbell for a curved line that rose almost to his shoulder , identical to another that the protagonist had of 10 reasons to hate you .

“It’s something he had on his arm. Heath was an incredibly restless and creative person. For example, I was once talking to the person in charge of his hairdressing in The Patriot and he told me that he hated sitting still so much that when they finished putting on the wig and everything else, he had made a sculpture of pins, “he recalled, as well as that his wife also made the design on her ankle and that today they consider it a lucky charm:” It is like an angel that take care of all the names that I have written in the embrace “.

Your secret Instagram
Although jealous of his private life, Damon has also revealed that he is interested in what his daughters and the sons of his friends do. “I have a very private account. I have 76 followers and have made 40 posts since 2013,” he assured.

Of course, the protagonist of the Jason Bourne saga has admitted: “I never saw too much sense in opening an account on social networks. And over time, I feel better and better having made that decision. I understand who wants to be connected with everyone on Facebook, but my life is so full that I am truly connected to the world that I need to be connected to. “

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