Paloma Palencia Says Only One In Five Entrepreneurs In Our Country Is A Woman

For those who have been wanting to open their own business for a long time, Paloma Palencia provides you with the keys you need to achieve it. This digital business strategy mentor just posted If Not Today, Then When? and we spoke with her to tell us a little about her relationship with the world of entrepreneurship; and more specifically, female entrepreneurship.

What is being an entrepreneur?

Being an entrepreneur is a way of life. It is launching yourself to create something out of nothing, taking risks, making decisions, failing and getting up, being curious, restless-minded, living in uncertainty, working without schedules, enjoying every success, celebrating your achievements, being flexible to change, avoiding challenges. difficulties, be constant and very tenacious. Being an entrepreneur is a daily adventure with lights and shadows, but above all it is the pride of and feeling on your skin the satisfaction that gives you the freedom to be the one who takes charge of your own life and not have to live someone else’s dream.

Where does a book on female entrepreneurship come from?

In my work as a business coach, I speak with hundreds of women who contact me for mentoring, and many share with me their frustration at having spent many years of their lives doing a job they hate.
Others feel that they have abandoned their own desires in favor of the family for many years and suddenly one day they become aware that they need to regain their own interests, that they want to fulfill themselves professionally, to be the owners of their lives, to control their lives. personal projects, their free time and the time they dedicate to their family and of course, have access to generate more income. This book arises from the desire to help and motivate women to challenge themselves to get out of their comfort zone and undertake,

Is the book focused only for the business field?

In principle, it is a book aimed at anyone, whether man or woman who wants to create their personal project, who is considering a life model based on selling their services through an online business. But people who are reading it are going to discover that it really is like a life manual, from how to be able to listen to ourselves to reflect on what we are doing with our lives, how to ask ourselves key questions that lead us to make strategic decisions, how to increase self-confidence, how to practice self-care without feeling guilty and how to achieve a balanced life between work and family, among many other topics. It is a book where a transformation is sure to take place in the mind of any restless reader.

What is your relationship with entrepreneurship?

We could say that a very intense relationship since four years ago I decided to leave a well-paid job and launch my project, and in addition to that, base my adventure on helping other women to take the same step, so I live surrounded by entrepreneurs , I support them, guide them, motivate them, and in some cases I also advise them to return to work for others, because not everyone is prepared to undertake, and my obligation is to be honest with those who are not cut out for it.

Do women undertake less than men?

Definitely. Only one in five entrepreneurs in Spain is a woman. However, the percentage of success and permanence of businesses over time is much higher in those companies created by women, and this would be explained because once we make the decision to launch our project, we are generally more constant and with greater resilience.

The fact that it is more difficult for us to undertake, in my experience, would be based on the fact that women are still prey to many fears that society has created in us for years and from which it is difficult for us to let go, fear of not being good enough, too much old, too young, to fail and think about what they will say later about my failure, many insecurities in which I work with my clients and that I help them overcome.

Is this book a way to empower women in the use of their time and their projects?

Undoubtedly that is the idea, and that is why I point out on its cover that it is a book for women entrepreneurs who still do not know what they are. My goal in writing it was to address those women who have long been aware that they are wasting time living a life that is not the one they want, and that they have a dream, a passion to which they would like to dedicate their life and do not dare to do it.

I help them make enough reflections to make sure they are ready to take the step, while opening their eyes to the cost and the effort it will entail, despite the fact that in my opinion it is always worth living from your passion to anyone. price.

What does it mean for you to be the organizer of TEDx Women?

For me it was a challenge that I undertook with my great friend Lucia Fuertes of which I am very proud, especially knowing that no one had ever held an event like this in Madrid and after knowing the requirements and high quality standards required by the TED organization, the To be able to carry it out with great success cannot but fill me with satisfaction and to bring a panel of extraordinary women and inspire more than 100 women in Madrid that there are no limits to achieve anything we want in life.

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