Street With Three Minors One Of Them with Leukemia

At eight in the morning the owner of the apartment arrived and told them that, as he had already warned them, they had to leave. He even paid for the taxi so they wouldn’t be with their suitcases at the door . Alejandra, nervous, asked the taxi driver to take her to the municipal social services to ask for help, but there they told her what they had also told her when she had previously come to ask for help.

That they could not help her, that they had nothing. And, with the black sky threatening a storm, he took refuge for hours there, under a bridge in front of the La Salut metro stop, in Badalona, with his three children aged 6, 9 and 17, the oldest suffering from leukemia and wheelchair bound.

Alejandra is Venezuelan and came to Barcelona with her eldest son two years ago to treat his illness. She spent two years in a reception apartment as an asylum seeker and due to her son’s illness, but when she obtained residency she had to leave it.

She looked for a room then in the Carmel neighborhood, in Barcelona, ​​where she lived, but it was impossible to find anything in Barcelona and she finally got the two rooms from which she was expelled this Monday in Badalona. The problem was that the person who rented the rooms was not the owner but a tenant who did not pay and who was ordered by the owner to leave the apartment on Monday.”

We want to pay for a room, the problem is that nobody rents us because we can’t afford the deposit”,Alejandra explained this Monday morning from the street, next to the suitcases and her small children fluttering, already very tired and overwhelmed after so many hours on the street without understanding anything.

Her eldest son, who obviously does understand the situation, cannot do anything, helplessly watching his mother suffer, in a wheelchair waiting for the total hip replacement he needs after having had a very bad time. In September you will start studying a PFI in Barcelona to which you are already enrolled.

“We did not want to leave Barcelona, ​​but we came to Badalona because it is the only place where we can find a room. The problem now is that in Barcelona they do not help us because now we live in Badalona and in Badalona they tell us that we are registered in Barcelona”, the mother despairs.

Her husband recently arrived in Barcelona from Venezuela with their two young children because they had not seen each other for two years, with their eldest son very seriously ill, and they couldn’t take it anymore.

As soon as he arrived, the father began to work, albeit irregularly because the one who was granted asylum was her , not him; That is why they insist that they could and want to pay for a room, that they only need the doors to be opened.

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