Families Will Spend Almost 2,000 Euros Per Child On ‘Back To School’

Families will spend an average of 1,890 euros for each schooled child between the ages of 3 and 18 during the next school year, according to a study by the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU).

Annual expenditure varies according to the educational cycle and the region where you reside, but above all by the type of center where you enroll. Those who attend a public school or institute will face an average annual cost of 968 euros compared to 2,704 for those who go to a subsidized center and 6,247 for those who choose a private one.

These concepts are the ones that have the most weight in the school bill, except in public education, where enrollment and fees are non-existent.In total, they account for 57% of the annual cost of a subsidized center (1,222 euros on average) and 82% of a private center (4,492 euros on average).

Secondly, the main economic burden for families is the dining room: 95 euros per month in public centers, 127 in subsidized schools and 146 in private ones.They are followed by extracurricular activities, with costs that are also very different depending on the type of center: 64 euros per month in public schools and institutes, 76 in subsidized schools and 92 in private ones.

These expenses are more common in the Infant and Primary cycles.Another significant expense is that which refers to textbooks, which also varies according to the type of center: 148 euros per year in public schools and institutes, 228 in subsidized centers and 234 in private ones. This expense also increases progressively as the course progresses.

Precisely on the sale of textbooks, a bookstore worker explained that due to the rise in the use of tablets and digital platforms in classrooms, sales of this product have decreased; “There are many bookstores that are closing,” he assured.

The uniform, common in 80% of subsidized centers, adds up to an average of another 176 euros per year. The rest of the expenses correspond to school supplies (88 euros for half a year), excursions (79 euros) and AMPA fees (26 euros).

“This year I had to renew the backpack, it cost around 50 euros,” the mother of a schoolboy who has already spent it explained to Efe, according to “around one hundred euros” only in books.

Meeting expenses in September is a task that parents organize in advance; In response to the question of how she deals with the expenses derived from the return, this mother explained that she looks for different ways to save: exchange of books with other students, plans of the city council to give away books …

One last aspect to take into account is the region where you reside; families in Catalonia and Madrid are the ones that spend the most on education: around 2,400 euros per year per child on average, and those in both Castiles and Galicia are those that spend the least: around 1,100 euros.

With all these data, extracted from the survey carried out on 1,115 parents with children in the aforementioned age group, OCU warns of the significant outlay that returning to school entails for families, especially for those who are in a situation of economic vulnerability and that have increased due to the crisis.For this reason, the organization asks the administrations to expand and generalize the aid aimed at families with more vulnerable children of school age.

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