“Shame And Pain” Over The Case Of Abuse Of A Girl Expressed By The Poblet Monastery

” Ashamed, sore and sorry .” The Monastery of Poblet has sung the mea culpa this Sunday in a forceful homily in which the Benedictine community shows its face after the arrest of one of its monks for an alleged case of touching a child under 5 years old committed on August 15 .

The 68-year-old religious was released with charges on August 26, accused of a crime against sexual freedom after having been photographed with the girl by a German tourist visiting the site.

The abbot of Poblet, Octavi Vilà, has already withdrawn the suspect from all activity and excused him from having to follow the closure rule, so that he can leave the monastery, but this Sunday the community wanted to express its dismay and rejection.

“Doubt overshadows us with what may have given rise to scandal, so we have the greatest interest in having justice clarify the facts and thus be able to arrive at the truth that can set us free,” he stressed.

The homily also emphasized that the monastery has made itself available to any investigation at all times “without qualms or restrictions” so that the facts can be clarified as soon as possible.

” Healing comes only when the truth is known and it is necessary to remove everything that may overshadow it, with the consequences that this may have,” he continued.

Because, if a community brother commits a fault, when he sins, in a way it can be said that the whole community sins, whether by action or omission, and the superior must be the first to assume it and each brother behind him ”.

In this sense, the following words of Pope Francis have been recalled: “Looking to the future there will never be little everything that is done to generate a culture capable of preventing these situations from not only not repeating themselves.

The pain of the victims and their families is also our pain, so it is urgent to reaffirm once again our commitment to guarantee the protection of minors and adults in vulnerable situations. ”


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