Trends That Will Mark The Return To The Office

September will be the month in which thousands of employees will return to the office to work in person. They will do so after months of forced telecommuting after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic . This particular ‘back to school’ has been in the works for months, and is accompanied by new trends in workspaces. One of them is the so-called “hot office”.

What does it consist of? Companies rent part of their offices to third parties to make the most of the excess space left by teleworking employees. “There are many companies that are currently with a work model in which the templates are rotated to spend a few days at the office and others at home . For this reason and to respond to these new situations, new solutions have emerged such as the hot offices “, they explain from the Institute of Valuations. This option helps reduce real estate costs for companies.

Another upward trend in the sector is coworking . This way of sharing an office between professionals allows you to manage spaces flexibly and is generally cheaper than a traditional rental. They will also be consolidated as an option for those companies that need to locate their professionals by teams and do not have space in their facilities .

” Coworking is gaining momentum, especially among startups and SMEs due to the flexibility it offers of being able to rent and only pay for the positions that are necessary, being able to even have workspaces in different geographical locations,” they explain from the Institute of Valuations, which highlight that this format supposes a reduction of efforts and expenses of services and maintenance for the companies.

Although the traditional trade model could suffer adjustments, experts confirm that investors are still interested in spaces located in the main metropolitan areas . In fact, the central areas of Madrid and Barcelona and the main centers of business concentration have brought together a large part of the demand and investment in this type of assets.

“Large companies, which usually locate their headquarters in these areas, will continue to maintain their offices as important assets for their image and reputation , as well as spaces to gather their teams or receive clients,” the experts explain.

Collaborative and flexible
The coronavirus crisis has changed the way of working and communicating within companies, forcing work spaces to be redefined. Postcovid offices will be more collaborative, flexible and adapted to the new work model.

“Now, thanks to the hybrid work model that allows staff rotation in person, the trend in offices is towards more open and open spaces with greater distance between tables, rotary positions, phone booth rooms for individual meetings virtual services for the rise of teleworking, and of course, compliance with all safety and hygiene measures in order to ensure the maximum health and well-being of employees “, say the experts from the Institute of Valuations.

Also relevant is the fact that the office is an attractive place for your employees, who have already become accustomed to working at home. “Offering a space that encourages creativity, communication and collaboration is key to maintaining the well-being and productivity of teams,” they conclude.

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