Cut In Planes, Flights By Alitalia From October 15th

The major restructuring of Alitalia , which on the basis of an agreement between the European Commission and the Italian Government will no longer exist as such and will be renamed ITA (Italia Trasporto Aereo) in October, will land all travelers with reservations after the 14 of that month.

As of the day following this date, in fact, the first flights of the new company will be made, and all reservations made under the previous company name will no longer be valid, as an Alitalia spokesperson confirmed to EL NEWSPAPER.

With this, all affected passengers will have the right to a full refund (the Italian Government has allocated about 100 million euros for these compensations), or to purchase a ticket with a date before October 15 .

But the “automatic” change of the Alitalia ticket in one of the same ITA conditions will not be offered. “It will be necessary to redo the ticket purchase process from scratch with ITA or another company,” the spokesperson pointed out, suggesting that the affected travelers could be “slightly less” than 250,000 people.

The decision was authorized by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, since since 2017 Alitalia has been under extraordinary administration .The news was first released this Thursday by Alitalia, in a message in which it was also specified that a “timely and direct communication by email” will be sent to all passengers who will suffer the accident.

The company has also made it clear that ITA tickets are already on sale for the flights that will take off from October 15, after the National Entity for Civil Aviation (ENAC) of Italy gave its approval. last week.

For this reason, a new website has also been activated ( Of course, some routes will be suspended, such as, for example, connections to the island of Sardinia and the Sicilian airport of Comiso, and it is not clear what will happen with the miles accumulated by passengers.

Furthermore, it cannot be ruled out that in its first months ITA, which will be a public company , suffers mishaps along the way of this complex transfer, which was launched to avoid the bankruptcy of Alitalia .

In fact, the agreement with the European Commission —which has set different conditions to establish a complete economic discontinuity between the old indebted airline and the new one— also entails significant cuts in the number of aircraft , —which will initially add up to 52, and then should reach be 105 in 2025—, flights operated and personnel . The latter is one of the most worrying issues in Italy, since the new company plans to employ a maximum of 3,000 workers, and Alitalia has 10,000 employees.

Reason why there is still a difficult negotiation in progress between the unions and ITA, as internal sources have explained to this newspaper. And, in parallel, it is not clear what will happen to all Alitalia assets, whether they will be – for example – inherited by the new company or transferred to others.

While it is expected that Alitalia’s other assets, such as land activities and part of the maintenance, will be put up for sale in a public tender, according to the industrial plan agreed until 2025.

However, the headaches for the Italian government may not end here either, as the European Commission is still investigating whether the 1.3 billion euros that Italian taxpayers have given the company in recent decades have been “ State aid ”. A decision is expected in the next few weeks.

This closes a painful chapter for this flagship company that for years has been unable to achieve economic success, lately due to the pandemic and, before that, due to the aggressive competitiveness of low-cost airlines .

The latter also due to the structural problems that Alitalia accumulated over the years, including not having invested in long-haul air routes, as other major competitors did.

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