Confidential document says Taliban search for Afghans who helped US capture

The Taliban are intensifying their search for people who worked with US and NATO forces , according to a confidential United Nations document , which warns of ” torture and executions ” against these people and their families, despite the military’s promise not to. take revenge on your opponents.

The report provided by UN threat assessment consultants says the Taliban have ” priority lists ” of individuals they want to arrest.

According to the document, the people most at risk are those who have played important roles in the Afghan army, police and intelligence units .

The Taliban have been conducting ” targeted door-to-door visits ” looking for the people they want to arrest and their families, the report says.

It adds that the military is also monitoring people heading to the Kabul airport and has set up checkpoints in major cities, including the capital and Jalalabad .

The document, dated Wednesday, has been drawn up by the Norwegian Center for Global Analyzes , an organization that provides intelligence work to UN agencies.

“They are targeting the families of those who refuse to surrender, and persecuting and punishing their families’ according to Islamic law,” Christian Nellemann, the group’s chief executive, told Afp news agency.

“We anticipate that both individuals who previously worked with NATO / US forces and their allies, along with their family members, will be exposed to torture and executions,” he added.

“This will further compromise Western intelligence services, their networks, methods and ability to counter both the Taliban and IS and other terrorist threats,” he added.

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