The New Apple Watch With Flat Edges

The new design follows in the footsteps of the iPhone and iPad. The screen will be bigger. Apple’s next smartwatch would receive a major design change, compared to current models like the Series 6.

The change would follow in the footsteps of the iPhone, which with the iPhone 12 returned to the flat edges that characterized this smartphone years ago, and those of the iPad, which from the iPad Pro also adapted that same design style.

It seems that Apple wants the Apple Watch to fit better with the other devices it offers, because the new model would also have flat side edges; or at least, so the rumors say.

That Apple is chasing the leaks does not seem to have changed things much, and data continues to appear such as new rendered CAD images showing the design of the new model, published by 91mobiles .

The Apple Watch Series 7 will be more boxy , but other than that, no major changes are expected. The crown remains the same, and the biggest novelty on the sides would be the new, larger speakers.

The big advantage of a more rectangular design would be on the screen, which could have much thinner edges; in turn, that implies that the panel will be larger , while maintaining the 40 or 44 mm size of the device.

In the case of the larger model, the screen would now be 1.8 inches, instead of 1.73 inches; Although there is no data from the smaller model, a similar gain is expected. According to Bloomberg, the screen will also benefit from a new laminating system, which will make the panel closer to the glass and therefore look better.

A curious detail is that, despite the great aesthetic change, the new Apple Watch would be compatible with all current straps , since Apple would have bothered to use the same anchoring method.

In addition, in technical matters not expect much news, and would use the same sensors as the Series 6; Although there are rumors that Apple wants to measure blood glucose levels, it still does not have the necessary sensor ready to do so without obtaining a blood sample.

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