Latest McDonald’s Product With Which Mercadona Triumphs On Its Shelves

This is the latest McDonald’s product with which Mercadona triumphs on its shelves. The item in question stopped being sold a few years ago in the American chain. Valencian supermarkets have this product under the Hacendado seal.

Despite the fact that from the outside it may seem that McDonald’s and Mercadona are two companies that have nothing to do with each other, they both feed off each other by ‘copying’ products . Plus the second over the first, due to the important global significance of hamburgers, this time the product that is succeeding in the Valencian chain is cheese fingers that are very successful in the United States.

As a complement to almost any diet, as well as a good snack with which to get out of trouble, fingers have become one of the most popular products in restaurants, food chains and even homes in recent years. Focusing on the latter, on the purchase of a house, that is why Mercadona has implemented its sale of this item in the variety of cheese and under the Hacendado seal .

Cheese fingers that ‘copy’ those popularized by McDonald’s, but that the chain stopped selling in Spain due to its high fat content , although with the quality signature of Juan Roig’s supermarkets. Produced in Spain , this 300-gram pack of these sticks has an energy value of 900 kilocalories, 36 grams of protein and 75 grams of carbohydrates, among other issues.

Ingredients and price
From the factories of Fripozo , Las Torres de Cotillas (Murcia), the ingredients of these fingers are, for the most part, gouda cheese , breadcrumbs, egg albumin and sunflower oil, as well as it may contain traces of soy. Everything to make a deep-frozen product that cooks in just two minutes in a deep fryer.

That is to say, easy to prepare and to solve any culinary unforeseen event, Mercadona also recommends leaving them for a while on absorbent paper once they have been fried, to reduce their oil content. Everything to get one of the most desired McDonald’s products and from only 2.20 euros each pack that contains between nine and eleven units.

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