Urbaser Wins Most Of The Madrid Cleaning Mega-Contract

The Madrid cleaning contract already has new owners. Urbaser , the company that the Chinese Tianying sold to the American Platinum fund for 3,450 million a few months ago, has won two of the six lots of the ‘mega-contract’ valued at more than 1,500 million euros. Specifically, the company has obtained a third of the total amount, about 500 million in contracts for the next six years through lots 3 and 5.

For now, only one more lot has been awarded, the one that will serve the Centro, Chamberí and Tetuán districts, which has been kept by Cespa , a Ferrovial subsidiary . The rest, proposed for signature, have not yet been definitively awarded.

According to the award proposal minutes, the rest of the lots will be awarded individually to various companies. Specifically, lot 2, which includes actions in the districts of Arganzuela, Retiro, Salamanca and Chamartín, is proposed to be for Valoriza (Sacyr) and OHL Servicios , after considering an offer of just over 306 million euros.

For its part, lot 4, which includes cleaning the districts of Hortaleza, Barajas, Ciudad Lineal and San Blas-Canillejas, will be for Alfonso Benítez (a subsidiary of FCC Medioambiente) and Acciona Servicios Urbanos . The last of the packages, which will involve actions in the areas of Puente de Usera, Villaverde and Carabanchel, is expected to be awarded to FCC Medioambiente itself.

The entire contract, with a value of more than 1,500 million euros, is aimed at cleaning the streets, green areas, children’s areas and the removal of posters or stickers, among other things, as stated in the specifications. tender techniques.

The new contracts, which will have an execution period of six years, will replace those signed by Mayor Ana Botella and which have been extended until September 15, at which time they will begin to be executed by the new concessionaires.

The bottle contract that is still in force has been the subject of controversy on several occasions, as the former mayor of the capital used them to integrate 39 public services in a single ‘mega-contract’ of six lots.With this gesture, she saved costs, applying a discount of 10% in the budget.

Then, the contracts were awarded for 1,944 million euros for a period of ten years , representing a figure of 194 million per year, lower than the one now awarded and which is around 250 million per year. The low budget, together with the intention to cut the personnel to be hired by the concessionaires, led to the longest cleaning strike in Madrid since the last century .

Now, the implementation of the new concessions will serve to, in addition to changing the contracts of hands, to implement the changes of the new collective agreement , which implies an improvement in salary conditions with an increase of just over 2% and the hiring up to 2,000 employees to supplement retirements and departures in recent months.

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